ATLANTIC BEACH, FL — Ferris Bueller launched into cinematic history when he said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.”

Atlantic Beach resident Luke Thorpe is hoping to make a similar splash with a Web series he is developing, “Slow Down the Pace for the Human Race,” which will connect people with the surf, sand and music culture of beach towns all around the world.

Luke & Daughter Emilia in Atlantic Beach, FL
Luke & Daughter Emilia in Atlantic Beach, FL

Recently launched through crowd funding website Kickstarter, Web series “Slow Down the Pace for the Human Race” will take viewers along on epic surfing trips with a merry band of professional surfers and musicians.

Joining Thorpe in this project are many Jacksonville natives, including musician Eric Brigmond and surfers Asher Nolan and Cody Thompson. Thompson was recently recognized for his surfing talents by the City of Jacksonville declaring a day, March 7, in his honor.

Also part of the team are surfers Damien Wills (Australia) and Peter Mendia (USA). Musicians Alex Klimovitsky & Sebastiano Ferranti of Youthless (Portugal), Doug Bautista of Humble Soul (Hawaii) and Patrick Hall from Northeast Board Culture in Salisbury, Mass.

Asher Nolan is part of the team of surfers on the project
Surfer Asher Nolan

“The platform gives supporters of surfers and musicians the opportunity to get involved from the beginning. The energy created on Kickstarter motivates the crew to deliver inspired performances, and in turn, give the fans exactly what they want to watch,” said Thorpe.

Online Kickstarter pledges are only charged if the project is fully funded. Thorpe and his partners need to raise at least $36,000 from backers by Sunday Jan 26, 10:32pm EST in order to be fully funded and launch the web series.

For pledges scaling from $1 to $10,000 backers of the project will receive rewards such as stickers, hats, shirts and surfboards emblazoned with the project logo. Thorpe is reaching out to local businesses for larger pledges, such as the $5,000 producer-level to receive recognition and promotion in the series premiere. The largest possible pledge of $10,000 backer will come along on the first trip and receive a custom surfboard.

According to Thorpe, what separates this web series from others is that surfing and music will be recorded on the same trip. The goal of the series is to bring viewers a weekly episode featuring original music, epic surfing and connects the audience with the artists and surfers.

Musician Eric Brigmond
Musician Eric Brigmond

“There will be so many styles of surfing and music blending together, and on top of that, having everyone‘s communities involved gives the film a lot more meaning,“ said Thorpe, adding that when the first episode is released, “I’d like to think people all around the world are sitting back and taking a moment to slow down the pace for the human race.“

To learn more about this project or become a backer, visit the official kickstarter page for “Slow Down the Pace for the Human Race” or email Luke Thorpe at Luke @

Article by Courtney Eckerle

Reporter Courtney Eckerle
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