Hosted by two friends from the Big Island, Shane Dorian and Torrey Meister, spent a relaxed week at Las Flores Surf Club surfing great waves with an awesome bunch of campers. Amazing surf and great surfing happening the entire week. Filmed and Edited by Luke Thorpe

Video Chapters and Surfers:

Part 1: Welcome to Paradise (0:00) Song:

Part 1: Intro
Welcome to Paradise


Part 2: Dan & Heajin Kamalani (1:20) Song:

Part 2: Dan
Dan Kamalani


Part 3: Veronica & Max Karnig (4:18) Song:

Part 3: Zach
Max Karnig


Part 4: Kyle Pahlow (5:55) Song:

Part 5: Bry Son
Kyle Pahlow


Part 6: Jason Jackson (9:34) Song: Electric Feel by MGMT

Part 6: Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson


Part 7: Eduardo Rehder (11:35) Song:

Part 7: Eduardo
Eduardo Rehder


Part 8: Tim Fisher (13:37) Song:

Part 7: Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher


Part 9: Brian Pahlow (15:30) Song:

Part 9: Bryan
Brian Pahlow

Part 10: Kyle Pahlow (16:18) Song:

Part 10: Bryan Son
Kyle Pahlow

Part 11: Shane Dorian (18:33)

Shane Dorian
Shane Dorian

Part 12: Torrey Meister (19:40)

Torrey Meister
Torrey Meister

Part 13: Wipeouts (20:44)


Part 14: Grand Finally (21:04)

Grand Finally
Grand Finally