Billabong’s ‘Surf With A Pro’ Destination Surf Camp Video Archive

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1. Shaun Thompson & Jason Shibata: SWP El Salvador, 2007


2. Donavon Frankenreiter & Sterling Spencer: SWP El Salvador 2008

3. Shane Dorian & Torrey Meister: SWP El Salvador 2008

4. Mike Parsons: SWP El Salvador 2008

5. Peter Mendia & Tara Angioletti: SWP El Salvador 2008

6. Mike Parsons: SWP El Salvador 2008 (trip 2)


7. Donavon Frankenreiter: SWP El Salvador 2009

8. Shane Dorian: SWP El Salvador 2009

9. Mark Occhilupo: SWP El Salvador 2009

10. Mike Parsons: SWP El Salvador 2009

11. Mike Parsons: SWP Nicaragua 2009


12. Mike Parsons & Keanu Asing: SWP Mexico 2010

13. Mark Occhilupo with Torrey Meister & Johnny Craft: SWP El Salvador 2010

14. Donavon Frankenreiter: SWP El Salvador 2010 ‘Perfect Storm’

15. Shane Dorian w/ Wade Goodall & Sterling Spencer: SWP El Salvador 2010


16. Donavon Frankenreiter: SWP Nosara, Costa Rica, November 2011

17. Donavon Frankenreiter & Mike Parsons: SWP El Salvador, April 2011

18. Mike Parsons, Cody Thompson: SWP El Salvador, March 2011

19. Peter Mendia: SWP Chicama, Peru, May 2011


20. Shane Dorian & Peter Mendia: SWP Kandui, 2012

21. Mark Occhilupo & Sterling Spencer: SWP Peru, 2012

22. Peter Mendia & Alejandro Moreda: SWP El Salvador, 2012


(No SWP Camps)

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed the films! -Luke

After filming surfing for a decade, I want to share all the clips I filmed, in hopes that surfers from around the globe will claim their good waves.  My dream for is to have a sortable and searchable player where you can find your waves by simply searching the location, date, or break. As I work toward building this surf engine, I am sorting through new and archived footage on a regular basis so I can share clips soon. At the same time I need to invest in developing the website and functionality. You may have some good waves in there! If you would like to support the cause please connect with me on venmo, your donation will be appreciated and your clips will rise to the top. Thank you! -Luke