Before you know it, it’s over

let’s get back to the show

The Raw Files

Morning October 5, 2016: ‘Can it get any better?’

Afternoon October 5, 2016: ‘Maybe the photos are good’

Morning October 6, 2016: ‘Ok, there are a few fun ones out there’

Taco Break – This place has the best fish tacos! Solost Hotel in Nicaragua

Afternoon October 6, 2016: “It was so good, we were killing it!”

Morning October 7, 2016: ‘Pass me a Sweetwater, this is a good one’

Evening October 7, 2016: ‘It was better earlier’

Morning October 8, 2016: ‘Rear Window… should have stayed in bed’

Afternoon October 8, 2016: ‘Couple keepers’

Morning October 9, 2016: ‘Chasing waterfalls’

Morning October 10, 2016: ‘A few shots from the bar’

Afternoon October 10, 2016: ‘Empty Stomach’

Afternoon October 10, 2016: ‘Sunset w Kelly D’