Mishka is now on tour playing music from his latest album ‘The Journey’.  The East Coast started in snowy Brooklyn, New York and continued down to sunny Florida.

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Mishka was joined on the unplugged acoustic tour by Sarah Blacker, a singer/song-writer from New England.

Mishka & Sarah Blacker celebrating a successful East Coast Tour
Mishka & Sarah Blacker celebrating a successful East Coast Tour

I caught up with Mishka after his Jacksonville, Florida show at Jack Rabbits to discuss the tour, the new album and in general, his musical journey.  In case you aren’t aware Mishka’s latest album was crowd funded on Kickstarter and this was his first tour singing the new songs.  Here are a few snaps from our interview:

How has it been performing the new songs?

“The die hard fans they know them … They’re fresh still for me so its a good time to play them live and get to know them acoustically as well”

Is there a favorite song you have on this album?

“One of my favorites is actually a remake from the first album its a song called ‘Still got Love’, we called the remake ‘Catch This Train’ because thats part of the refrain in the song.. and I think its more of a fully realized version of that song, its a little more uptempo than the original.  Its really and truly one of my favorite recordings of anything I’ve ever done it just came out beautifully… I like the song ‘Struggle Remains’… but you got to check out the whole album and decide for yourself because songs are like that.. its personal what you are going to like”

How was it recording this album in the Carribean Islands where you grew up?

“It was the first time I recorded an album in the Caribbean, so in that regard it was nice to be back in an atmosphere that felt familiar, most of the albums that I have done have been in big cities where I didn’t really feel at home,… in LA or in London, so, in that regard it was really great, the ocean, the food the people everything that was really familiar to me, even the tradewind the rain everything like home to me even though like I said I had never been to St Croix before, it was good, the vibes were great, it was a good time.”

Be sure to check out Mishka.com for his upcoming tour dates.  Thanks to Jack Rabbits for hooking me into the board and allowing me to film at the venue.