There is something magical about surfing.  When you catch your first wave you remember it forever.  How many of us can say we caught our first wave in 1st grade? The lucky students at Jacksonville Florida’s Seaside Community Charter School can.

As part of their physical education curriculum they spend 4 weeks each spring and fall catching waves with professional instructors at the nearby beaches.  Here is a short video clip of the second graders scoring some perfect surf during their final class this fall.

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As a parent of one of these kiddos I couldn’t be happier.  Last year my daughter Emilia took her first surf lesson at the school and started to enjoy the sport.  Now it is my pleasure to watch (and film) her and her friends confidently catching waves and sharing smiles.

Emilia enjoys surfing as well as art.  While editing the video, she tried painting on some of the screenshots in photoshop.  As you may have noticed from the video, she probably had as much fun adding graphics as she did surfing.

Emilia having fun with photoshop
Emilia having fun with photoshop

I want to thank Gabe Gomez for providing the beautiful music for the video.  Please take a moment to visit Gabe’s website and hear all the great songs from his new album.

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Last year I filmed their 1st grade surf class and I am amazed at how far they have all come! Congrats to the students and Thank You Seaside!!