The world is changing but there is one thing that remains the same… the clips! Can you remember that wave you scored back in 2011? There was a guy filming on the beach but you never saw the clip. That guy was me, Luke Thorpe.

Where's da clip? ... AtTheBeach.TV
Where’s da clip? … AtTheBeach.TV

I’ve spent the past 10 years filming surfing in Portugal, El Salvador, Hawaii, Bali, Australia, New York, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, California, Dominican Republic, Florida and other places along the way.  It has been a beautiful journey but there has always been, and still is, one huge monkey on my back… the unseen footage.

While working on my feature films ‘Sounds of Waves‘ and ‘Eastside Theory‘ I spent all my time editing with only the best clips that fit the story. Where did everything else go?  Well, unless you were a friend of mine who nagged the heck out of me, or the odd surfer who threw me a bone, you haven’t seen any of them.  This might sound bad, but when you are working 2 jobs to support finishing the film, there isn’t time to edit segments for every surfer in the lineup.  But there is a bright side… every clip I ever filmed is still intact. 100s of days and 1000s of waves are cataloged into a database.

'Sick Dayz' are raw cuts of entire sessions
‘Sick Dayz’ are raw cuts of entire sessions

My dream for is to have a sortable and searchable player where you can find your waves by simply searching the location, date, or break.  This is still the goal, but at the moment, the technology would cost 20K to develop.  While saving up for this, I discovered an affordable player that allows me to begin releasing footage.

So, in 2014, you can look forward to viewing never before seen footage on a weekly basis.  Some clips are in the raw form of ‘Sick Dayz‘, other videos feature individual surfers, and some are edited into the form of a web series. The cue is set so please plan on viewing the first new release on Christmas Day! Happy Holidays, Luke