“Where the Land Meets the Sea (2014) ” is in production by Monumental Films.  Segments of the film are being released on AtTheBeach.tv to enable people to see some waves sooner than later.  These segments will feature alternative options for music and editing and we hope to get some viewer feedback regarding what’s working for them.

Damien Wills in ‘Where the Land Meets The Sea’  –   Dom’s segment is edited with seen and unseen footage from around the globe.  Filmed from 2005-2014.

Big… Really Big…

Yep, thats where Australian born Damien Wills finds his heart. Dom grew up with perfect waves in his “backyard”. MacMasters Beach was a good place to learn what he does. No fear, no rules, no limits- that must be his life motto. Riding the most aggressive dangerous waves is his specialty.

Off the waves, Damien is a reserved cool cat. Enjoying Spear Fishing, his MacBook and Modestly making his way as a filmer (the waterman has no problem posting up in the impact zone to get the perfect clip!) In 2008 however, Hurley realized his huge surfing potential and made Dom’s dream a reality. Now a professional freesurfer, Damien is on his way to being one of the greats and we at Monumental Films wish him the best of luck in the years to come.

If you are interested in seeing some early clips and some great footage, check out Eastside Theory. Damien is a featured surfer in this Monumental Films original movie. Also, be sure to catch him in The Sounds of Waves where he makes appearances and shows off his sick balls-to-the-wall style of surfing.

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