Every year the Billabong Camps ‘Surf With A Pro’ program offers anybody (beginner or experienced surfers) the opportunity to travel and surf with some of Billabong’s top team riders.  The camps take place at perfect breaks all around the world.

El Salvador is a favorite destination
El Salvador is a favorite destination

During these week long trips the campers simply live the dream trading waves and surf stories with their heroes.  In the evening the footage is reviewed so the host can offer tips.  Over the past several years host surfers include: Shane Dorian, Mark Occhilupo, Mike Parsons, Donavon Frankenreiter, Peter Mendia, Wade Goodall, Sterling Spencer, Cody Thompson, Torrey Meister, Johnny Craft, Shaun Tomson and more.

If you want to learn something that will improve your surfing.. pros like Mike Parsons know what to tell you
If you want to learn something that will improve your surfing.. pro surfers like Mike Parsons have the answers

Each week of surf camp gets turned into its own movie… the surfers even choose their own music.

As the videographer & editor, I enjoy matching each persons style of surfing to their music.  It is as fun to watch someone catch their first wave as it is to watch someone ripping on the wave of the day.

Jan Sirchuk has been at a number of camps... his classic style is a pleasure to watch
Jan Sirchuk has attended a number of these camps and it has been a pleasure documenting his classic style

I’m entering my 8th year with the Billabong Camps ‘Surf With A Pro’ program. If you are interested in attending in 2014 I recommend you do.  It is a unique opportunity to meet a pro surfer, experience a surf trip and have your waves documented. Having the dvd lets you bring your rides home to share with friends and family.

'Surf With A Pro' in 2014
‘Surf With A Pro’ in 2014

These trips book on a ‘first come first serve’ basis so check the 2014 schedule to see if a trip works for you.

If you want to watch some of the completed camp films, please visit the Billabong Camps page.

If you have any questions about the camp you can email me luke @ atthebeach.tv