“Where the Land Meets the Sea (2014)” is in production by Monumental Films.  Segments of the film are being released on AtTheBeach.tv to enable people to see some waves sooner than later.  These segments will feature alternative options for music and editing and we hope to get some viewer feedback regarding what’s working for them.

Jason Shibata in ‘Where the Land Meets The Sea’  –   Batz’s segment is edited with unseen footage from around the globe.  Filmed from 2005-2014.

“If you want something, work for it, and sure enough, you’re gonna get it”- Jason Shibata When you talk about a surfer that is dedicated and passionate, you may be talking inadvertently about Jason.  Delving deeply into many related fields, Jason does more than just tear down huge swells with big turns and a smooth style.  His kindness, passion and pleasant attitude has brought him recognition as Billabong’s “Ambassador of Aloha”.  From online announcer at the 2008 Billabong Pipe Masters to being a finalist at the 2008 Excel Pro (Sunset Beach) to entrepreneur Photographer/Magazine Editor, Jason is a world class surfer, artist and all around role model.  His extremely personal care for friends and family give Jason a level of humaness rarely found in today’s busy high pressure world.

You can find Jason Shibata on the Japanese Tour as well as in Monumental Films own “Eastside Theory” and “Pipeline : The Lost Tapes”.

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