2015 Donna Marathon

This year celebrates the 8th Annual Donna National Marathon. Donna Deegan, three-time breast cancer survivor and founder of 26.2 with DONNA, also founded The Donna Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to raise money exclusively for those on the First Coast living with breast cancer. Since its inaugural year in 2008, 26.2 with DONNA has contributed more […]

Keanu Asing in Mexico… 2010

In 2010 Keanu Asing was 17 years old.  The Hawaiian surfer was sponsored by Billabong and competing in the juniors.  To help grow his experience, Billabong veteran Mike Parsons brought Keanu along on a surf camp trip to Mexico. While much has changed since this clip was filmed, the perfect waves and great surfing are […]

Seaside PE Class Waves Hello

There is something magical about surfing.  When you catch your first wave you remember it forever.  How many of us can say we caught our first wave in 1st grade? The lucky students at Jacksonville Florida’s Seaside Community Charter School can. As part of their physical education curriculum they spend 4 weeks each spring and […]

Feeding The Fish

‘Sitting on the Dock at the Bay’ plays in your mind whenever you feed the fish at Gaudi Pond.  Its always nice to slow down the pace and enjoy some quality time with the kiddos… and in this case, make a mini film of it. [hdvideo id=78 ratingscontrol=on views=on title=on] One year ago construction completed […]

Mishka At The Beach

Mishka is now on tour playing music from his latest album ‘The Journey’.  The East Coast started in snowy Brooklyn, New York and continued down to sunny Florida. [hdvideo id=60 ratingscontrol=on views=on title=on] Mishka was joined on the unplugged acoustic tour by Sarah Blacker, a singer/song-writer from New England. I caught up with Mishka after […]

Luv Song

AtTheBeachTV is the home for all my surf related films and videos.  Recently my day to day schedule has become hectic.  One reason is the launch of my wife Zuzia’s new venture Bay&Bee. The new children’s play space in Jacksonville, Florida has been open for 3 months and it is exciting to see the community […]

How Sick Were You

Surf forcasting has come a long way in a short period of time.  As much as I love tracking swells and knowing where and when to get the best waves, I’m happy I grew up in a generation where ‘checking the waves’ meant peeking over the dunes and freaking out! Nowadays wave forcasts dictate our […]

Atlantic Beach Kickstarter Project

ATLANTIC BEACH, FL — Ferris Bueller launched into cinematic history when he said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” Atlantic Beach resident Luke Thorpe is hoping to make a similar splash with a Web series he is developing, “Slow Down the Pace […]

Wave of Opportunity

Every year the Billabong Camps ‘Surf With A Pro’ program offers anybody (beginner or experienced surfers) the opportunity to travel and surf with some of Billabong’s top team riders.  The camps take place at perfect breaks all around the world. El Salvador is a favorite destination During these week long trips the campers simply live the […]

Worth The Wait

Good things happen in sets.  When I traveled to Selina Cruz Mexico in 2011 with Mike Parsons and the Billabong ‘Surf With A Pro’ program we scored some epic surf, discovered waves, and met new people. When you travel with Snips you are sure to be at the right place at the right time.  It […]