2015 Donna Marathon

This year celebrates the 8th Annual Donna National Marathon. Donna Deegan, three-time breast cancer survivor and founder of 26.2 with DONNA, also founded The Donna Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to raise money exclusively for those on the First Coast living with breast cancer.

Since its inaugural year in 2008, 26.2 with DONNA has contributed more than $3.5 million towards its vision to finish breast cancer. Funds go to the Mayo Clinic for bench top breast cancer research and to The Donna Foundation to help the underserved with breast cancer.

Marathon Runners Enter Atlantic Beach at Mile 10

Marathon Runners Entering Atlantic Beach at Mile 10

Runners and walkers start the race at ATP Blvd. in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL., and enjoy a route through four beautiful beach communities on historic coastal A1A, over the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge on Butler Blvd., and finish at Mayo Clinic.

26.2 Miles Later, Jill Ross Finishing Strong!

26.2 Miles Later, Jill Ross Finishing Strong!

Today was race day! (Sunday February 15, 2015)  The morning was chilly but the weather turned gorgeous quickly.  The runners were inspired and the streets were lined with supporters!

I was happy to be there to support my sister Jill Ross who ran the marathon this year.  I met up with her husband Xavier and their 4 kiddos (Daisy, Luke, Barbara & Piper) at 8am.  We then walked a few blocks to see their mommy pass by at mile 10.  This short video picks up from there and hopes to bring you some of the incredible spirit and energy that was in the air all day!

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This Marathon is helping people and families get the support they need to stay strong and win their battle with cancer.  If you would like to donate to the cause, click here.


Red Bull Nightriders 2014


There are many great surfers from the East Coast. If you were at the Jacksonville Beach Pier on Friday night then you understand why, the support of the community is immense.  Over 5,000 people came out to support the Red Bull Nightriders Event.

This event was brought to the East Coast a few years ago by the talented film-maker Matt Katsolis and has been growing since.  This year, the crowd was delighted to see surfers Gabe Kling, Asher Nolan, Ryan Briggs, Cody Thompson, Evan Thompson and Tristin Thompson competing in fun surf.

(Here is a clip edited by UNF Spinnaker highlighting the evening)

Generators powered huge marshmallow shaped lights lining the Pier and massive spotlights from the beach.  At the top of the scaffolding was Daniel Terry and Dane Jefferys keeping spirits high with their classic live commentary.

Each of the three Thompson brothers aireal arsenals are a perfect match for the whip-in format.  At this years event, youngest brother Tristin Thompson took home the trophy after landing multiple airs and scoring an 8 point ride. Brothers Cody and Evan had won the event in the past so it had to feel good for Tristin to get the W!

Adding to the significance of the win is the situation older brother Trey Thompson is facing.  Trey was diagnosed with cancer and is battling to become cancer free.  The $5000 cash prize will be a huge help in supporting Trey’s treatment#winitfortrey

Tristin Thompson & Dane Jeffery's Post Punt Interview

Tristin Thompson & Dane Jeffery’s Post Punt Interview

For me, hanging with the groms and enjoying the positive energy of the event was the highlight.  There were smiling faces everywhere and the stellar performances by the surfers were a bonus.

Yep, the background is real! JAX Pier, FL

Yep, the background is real! JAX Pier, FL

With a kiddo on my shoulders, I luckily filmed this one clip of surfer Ryan Briggs that ignited the crowd.  This wave wasn’t the event winner but it is fun to watch.

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If the Nightriders event ever makes it to your town, you won’t want to miss it!



Keanu Asing in Mexico… 2010

In 2010 Keanu Asing was 17 years old.  The Hawaiian surfer was sponsored by Billabong and competing in the juniors.  To help grow his experience, Billabong veteran Mike Parsons brought Keanu along on a surf camp trip to Mexico.

While much has changed since this clip was filmed, the perfect waves and great surfing are timeless.

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Keanu was a standout amongst the surfers but even more impressive was his spirit of Aloha.  His great attitude and sense of humor kept smiles on campers faces the entire week.

This trip to Mexico was a first for many of us.  Thankfully, with Mike Parsons as our guide, we were always at the right spot at the right time.  The crew scored the waves of their lives.  To add to the excitement, we even crossed paths with Jordy Smith and Damien Fahrenfort.

Keanu with campers at Barra on the last day of the trip

Keanu with campers at Barra on the last day of the trip

After the camp, I met Keanu a year later at the Quicksilver Pro event in Long Beach, New York.  Keanu competed in the main event. In this clip he battles with decorated Australian surfer Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan in Round 2.

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Today in 2014 Keanu continues to pursue his dream of making it onto the World Championship Tour.  As the winter season approaches you can tune in online to watch him compete at the Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing in Hawaii (begins November 12, 2014).  Hopefully with his home court advantage he will be in contention for the triple crown title.

Keanu Asing, Mexico 2010

Keanu Asing, Mexico 2010

Over my years of making surf films there have been a number of times where great footage has been shelved.  Until today these clips of Keanu have never been seen.  One reason for the delay is because Keanu’s main sponsor changed shortly after the camp.  Therefore, Billabong had no incentive to release the footage and nor did his new sponsor Fox.

I wanted to release these clips because they are a part of history.  It is a privilege to document great surfers and although these clips are somewhat dated, it is nice to see how athletes progress in their career. Best of luck to Keanu in the future and I look forward to sharing some more great sessions soon.



Seaside PE Class Waves Hello

There is something magical about surfing.  When you catch your first wave you remember it forever.  How many of us can say we caught our first wave in 1st grade? The lucky students at Jacksonville Florida’s Seaside Community Charter School can.

As part of their physical education curriculum they spend 4 weeks each spring and fall catching waves with professional instructors at the nearby beaches.  Here is a short video clip of the second graders scoring some perfect surf during their final class this fall.

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As a parent of one of these kiddos I couldn’t be happier.  Last year my daughter Emilia took her first surf lesson at the school and started to enjoy the sport.  Now it is my pleasure to watch (and film) her and her friends confidently catching waves and sharing smiles.

Emilia enjoys surfing as well as art.  While editing the video, she tried painting on some of the screenshots in photoshop.  As you may have noticed from the video, she probably had as much fun adding graphics as she did surfing.

Emilia having fun with photoshop

Emilia having fun with photoshop

I want to thank Gabe Gomez for providing the beautiful music for the video.  Please take a moment to visit Gabe’s website and hear all the great songs from his new album.

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Last year I filmed their 1st grade surf class and I am amazed at how far they have all come! Congrats to the students and Thank You Seaside!!



Feeding The Fish

‘Sitting on the Dock at the Bay’ plays in your mind whenever you feed the fish at Gaudi Pond.  Its always nice to slow down the pace and enjoy some quality time with the kiddos… and in this case, make a mini film of it.

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One year ago construction completed on Gaudi Pond.  Working with Pete Jaworski of Bluestone Outdoors in Jacksonville we finally brought the ‘Gaudi Vision’ to life when the water fall was turned on.  At the time I transferred a few fish and turtles from a mini pond into their new home.

Since then many fish have been added to the mix and the sights and sounds of Gaudi Falls have become an infinite source of happiness for everyone.

Piotr Jaworski of Bluestone Outdoors (Jacksonville, Florida)

Piotr Jaworski of Bluestone Outdoors (Jacksonville, Florida)

The song used in this short video is called ‘Less’ by The Beautiful Girls.  An Australian band with a lot of talent.


Mishka At The Beach

Mishka is now on tour playing music from his latest album ‘The Journey’.  The East Coast started in snowy Brooklyn, New York and continued down to sunny Florida.

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Mishka was joined on the unplugged acoustic tour by Sarah Blacker, a singer/song-writer from New England.

Mishka & Sarah Blacker celebrating a successful East Coast Tour

Mishka & Sarah Blacker celebrating a successful East Coast Tour

I caught up with Mishka after his Jacksonville, Florida show at Jack Rabbits to discuss the tour, the new album and in general, his musical journey.  In case you aren’t aware Mishka’s latest album was crowd funded on Kickstarter and this was his first tour singing the new songs.  Here are a few snaps from our interview:

How has it been performing the new songs?

“The die hard fans they know them … They’re fresh still for me so its a good time to play them live and get to know them acoustically as well”

Is there a favorite song you have on this album?

“One of my favorites is actually a remake from the first album its a song called ‘Still got Love’, we called the remake ‘Catch This Train’ because thats part of the refrain in the song.. and I think its more of a fully realized version of that song, its a little more uptempo than the original.  Its really and truly one of my favorite recordings of anything I’ve ever done it just came out beautifully… I like the song ‘Struggle Remains’… but you got to check out the whole album and decide for yourself because songs are like that.. its personal what you are going to like”

How was it recording this album in the Carribean Islands where you grew up?

“It was the first time I recorded an album in the Caribbean, so in that regard it was nice to be back in an atmosphere that felt familiar, most of the albums that I have done have been in big cities where I didn’t really feel at home,… in LA or in London, so, in that regard it was really great, the ocean, the food the people everything that was really familiar to me, even the tradewind the rain everything like home to me even though like I said I had never been to St Croix before, it was good, the vibes were great, it was a good time.”

Be sure to check out Mishka.com for his upcoming tour dates.  Thanks to Jack Rabbits for hooking me into the board and allowing me to film at the venue.




Luv Song

AtTheBeachTV is the home for all my surf related films and videos.  Recently my day to day schedule has become hectic.  One reason is the launch of my wife Zuzia’s new venture Bay&Bee. The new children’s play space in Jacksonville, Florida has been open for 3 months and it is exciting to see the community grow.

This weekend the family strolled to the beach and caught some fun waves.  Seeing my daughter buzz on her boogie like Zancudo inspired this short video.  I hope the clip motivates you to go get wet. (Song by Three And A Quarter)

New video releases for the site has been slow coming. However, despite limited time in the studio, I’ve enjoyed editing together my friend Eric & Brittany’s wedding (Congrats!) plus working on Mishka’s recent show at Jack Rabbits.

Eric & Brittany WeddingSummer is here go ride some waves!

MishkaThanks for visiting.  More clips on the way as we continue to Slow Down The Pace For The Human Race.





How Sick Were You

Surf forcasting has come a long way in a short period of time.  As much as I love tracking swells and knowing where and when to get the best waves, I’m happy I grew up in a generation where ‘checking the waves’ meant peeking over the dunes and freaking out!

Nowadays wave forcasts dictate our lives (surfers’ lives). If the surf is good we take a sick day from work.

Mikey Picon - Water Videography by Damien Wills

Mikey Picon – Water Videography by Damien Wills

I created the series ‘Sick Dayz’ to showcase great swells from around the world. These film segments are raw surf clips of all the surfers in the lineup on a particular day.  While filming for my feature films ‘Eastside Theory’ and ‘Sounds Of Waves’ I archived a lot of great rides that never appeared in the movie.  The hope of this series is to reconnect people with the stoke from ‘that day’.

Is that you? New York November 02, 2007

Is that you? New York November 02, 2007

Good surf clips are like fine wine, they get better with age.  As I release these random  segments from various places and times, please contact me if you see one of your rides.  Everyone who claims their wave will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win an epic prize!

Claim your wave and win! Florida during Hurricane Bill

Claim your wave and win! Florida during Hurricane Bill

There are currently only a few segments online but you can expect a lot more sessions to go live in 2014.  Why did I add the ‘z’ to ‘Sick Dayz’? I just did.

Atlantic Beach Kickstarter Project

ATLANTIC BEACH, FL — Ferris Bueller launched into cinematic history when he said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.”

Atlantic Beach resident Luke Thorpe is hoping to make a similar splash with a Web series he is developing, “Slow Down the Pace for the Human Race,” which will connect people with the surf, sand and music culture of beach towns all around the world.

Luke & Daughter Emilia in Atlantic Beach, FL

Luke & Daughter Emilia in Atlantic Beach, FL

Recently launched through crowd funding website Kickstarter, Web series “Slow Down the Pace for the Human Race” will take viewers along on epic surfing trips with a merry band of professional surfers and musicians.

Joining Thorpe in this project are many Jacksonville natives, including musician Eric Brigmond and surfers Asher Nolan and Cody Thompson. Thompson was recently recognized for his surfing talents by the City of Jacksonville declaring a day, March 7, in his honor.

Also part of the team are surfers Damien Wills (Australia) and Peter Mendia (USA). Musicians Alex Klimovitsky & Sebastiano Ferranti of Youthless (Portugal), Doug Bautista of Humble Soul (Hawaii) and Patrick Hall from Northeast Board Culture in Salisbury, Mass.

Asher Nolan is part of the team of surfers on the project

Surfer Asher Nolan

“The platform gives supporters of surfers and musicians the opportunity to get involved from the beginning. The energy created on Kickstarter motivates the crew to deliver inspired performances, and in turn, give the fans exactly what they want to watch,” said Thorpe.

Online Kickstarter pledges are only charged if the project is fully funded. Thorpe and his partners need to raise at least $36,000 from backers by Sunday Jan 26, 10:32pm EST in order to be fully funded and launch the web series.

For pledges scaling from $1 to $10,000 backers of the project will receive rewards such as stickers, hats, shirts and surfboards emblazoned with the project logo. Thorpe is reaching out to local businesses for larger pledges, such as the $5,000 producer-level to receive recognition and promotion in the series premiere. The largest possible pledge of $10,000 backer will come along on the first trip and receive a custom surfboard.

According to Thorpe, what separates this web series from others is that surfing and music will be recorded on the same trip. The goal of the series is to bring viewers a weekly episode featuring original music, epic surfing and connects the audience with the artists and surfers.

Musician Eric Brigmond

Musician Eric Brigmond

“There will be so many styles of surfing and music blending together, and on top of that, having everyone‘s communities involved gives the film a lot more meaning,“ said Thorpe, adding that when the first episode is released, “I’d like to think people all around the world are sitting back and taking a moment to slow down the pace for the human race.“

To learn more about this project or become a backer, visit the official kickstarter page for “Slow Down the Pace for the Human Race” or email Luke Thorpe at Luke @ atthebeach.tv

Article by Courtney Eckerle

Reporter Courtney Eckerle

Reporter Courtney Eckerle

Courtney’s Bio from MarketingSherpa

“She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Mass Communications and Film Studies from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind. She has worked as a writer and sports photographer for The University of Notre Dame Observer, and was a collegiate correspondent for USA Today College prior to joining MECLABS. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys kayaking, travel, reading and photography.”

Wave of Opportunity

Every year the Billabong Camps ‘Surf With A Pro’ program offers anybody (beginner or experienced surfers) the opportunity to travel and surf with some of Billabong’s top team riders.  The camps take place at perfect breaks all around the world.

El Salvador is a favorite destination
El Salvador is a favorite destination

During these week long trips the campers simply live the dream trading waves and surf stories with their heroes.  In the evening the footage is reviewed so the host can offer tips.  Over the past several years host surfers include: Shane Dorian, Mark Occhilupo, Mike Parsons, Donavon Frankenreiter, Peter Mendia, Wade Goodall, Sterling Spencer, Cody Thompson, Torrey Meister, Johnny Craft, Shaun Tomson and more.

If you want to learn something that will improve your surfing.. pros like Mike Parsons know what to tell you
If you want to learn something that will improve your surfing.. pro surfers like Mike Parsons have the answers

Each week of surf camp gets turned into its own movie… the surfers even choose their own music.

As the videographer & editor, I enjoy matching each persons style of surfing to their music.  It is as fun to watch someone catch their first wave as it is to watch someone ripping on the wave of the day.

Jan Sirchuk has been at a number of camps... his classic style is a pleasure to watch
Jan Sirchuk has attended a number of these camps and it has been a pleasure documenting his classic style

I’m entering my 8th year with the Billabong Camps ‘Surf With A Pro’ program. If you are interested in attending in 2014 I recommend you do.  It is a unique opportunity to meet a pro surfer, experience a surf trip and have your waves documented. Having the dvd lets you bring your rides home to share with friends and family.

'Surf With A Pro' in 2014
‘Surf With A Pro’ in 2014

These trips book on a ‘first come first serve’ basis so check the 2014 schedule to see if a trip works for you.

If you want to watch some of the completed camp films, please visit the Billabong Camps page.

If you have any questions about the camp you can email me luke @ atthebeach.tv